Ground Water Reviews

This is the internal process (steps) for ground water reviews.

Final Version 08/30/02

Solid Waste Licensing Program Hydrogeologist is the prime contact.

1.1 A pre-application is strongly suggested. The meeting would be an opportunity to review the goals of the proposed groundwater study and to insure that the study would be done correctly.
1.2 Application Review Sequence and Timelines are followed for initial applications.
2.1 Response from the Solid Waste Regulatory Program (SWRP) within 90 days of receipt.
2.2 Once the facility has received sampling results, a statistical analysis must be conducted within 15 days [ARM 17.50.708(14)(b)].
2.3 Facility submits field notes and results to the SWRP within 90 days of sampling.
2.4 Database technician enters sampling results as workload allows (not time critical).
2.5 SWRP does the internal tracking using spreadsheet(s).

Solid Waste Regulatory Program Hydrogeologist is the prime contact.

3.1 SWRP reviews the annual report and responds to the facility within 90 days.
3.2 SWRP continues internal tracking.

Solid Waste Regulatory Program Manager is prime contact.

4.1 Response letter within 30 days from the SWRP.
4.2 SWRP will conduct a field meeting if budget allows.
4.3 SWRP continues internal tracking.
4.4 Facility's have 90 days to submit new well construction forms. In the event other major work is being prepared, additional time may be granted by the SWRP.

Solid Waste Regulatory Program Manager is prime contact.

5.1 If the groundwater analysis detects any Table 1 concentrations that meet or exceed the enforcement standard, then the facility must notify the Department (upon the consultant's or landfill's receipt of lab results) within 14 days of receipt of concentrations above an enforcement standard or 14 days after determination of statistically significant increase (SSI). [ARM 17.50.710(1)(a)(i)].
5.2 Facility must place results in their operating record within 14 days.
5.3 Facility has 90 days to conduct Table 2 groundwater sampling or demonstrate to the Department's satisfaction that assay result was in error.
5.4 Facility must place demonstration in their operating record and submit to the SWRP for approval.
5.5 The SWRP will evaluate the facility's demonstration(s) within 10 business working days.
5.6 If the Department finds the demonstration unsatisfactory, the Solid Waste Regulatory Program Manager will make a phone contact to the landfill.

Solid Waste Regulatory Program Manager is primary contact.

6.1 A total of 4 independent groundwater samples must be collected from each well and analyzed for all Table 2 detections. Sampling frequency will be based on well conductivity.
6.2 A follow-up to initial Table 2 sampling must be done within 90 days of the initial sampling date. Sampling must be done for Table 1 and all Table 2 detections (hits).
6.3 Department policy allows for the use of the initial sample in the statistical analysis, as well as the sample due at 90 days as part of the 4 required groundwater samples, provided that adverse time effects are not present. These samples will determine whether or not a corrective measures assessment will be necessary.
6.4 If statistically significant over protection standard, facility must place notice in their operating record and notify the Department and all local officials.
6.5 The Department will respond to the facility within 10 business working days.
6.6 The facility must install one additional groundwater monitoring well within facility boundaries and downgradient of plume direction.
6.7 The facility must immediately notify neighbors overlying any part of the plume.
6.8 The facility must take any interim measures necessary.

Solid Waste Regulatory program Manager is prime contact.

7.1 Facility must initiate study within 90 days after SSI determination.
7.2 The study must be completed within 60 days.
7.3 Facility must hold a public meeting and provide adequate public notice prior to meeting. Department staff will attend meeting as observers.
7.4 The facility selects remedy based on study and public input.
7.5 Department must approve selected remedy. Consult with the SWRP Manager prior to remedy selection.
7.6 The facility must notify the Department within 14 days of remedy selection.
7.7 Department will send final remedy receipt notification within 10 business working days.
7.8 Staff assigned by Solid Waste Regulatory Program Manager based on workload.