Current Work Plans

The work plans on this table have been Submitted for Local Government Review or subsequently Approved by DEQ since January 1, 2014. They are organized chronologically by expected completion dates, and entries will be removed following completion. More information regarding implementation and scope of work is available at the links provided in the Work Plan column. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the associated DEQ Project Manager, either at the linked email address or by calling (406) 444-6444.

Last updated October 17, 2017.




Project Manager

Work Plan


Completion Date

5228 Shelby Rail Yard Shelby Donnie McCurry 10674 Local Gov Review 9/5/17
3347 Farm Bureau Insurance/Checker's Beauty Polson Dean Kinney 10687 Local Gov Review 9/8/17
1278 Former Everything Cowboy Ennis Shannon Cala 10662 Local Gov Review 9/8/17
5235 JW Roylance Construction Laurel Marla Stremcha 10691 Local Gov Review 9/8/17
4250 Bruce's Quick Lube and Car Care Center Butte Allen Schiff 10677 Local Gov Review 9/15/17
3319 Herman Oil Co. Medicine Lake Allen Schiff 10517 Local Gov Review 9/21/17
4615 Herman Oil Co. Homestead Allen Schiff 10670 Local Gov Review 9/21/17
5238 Harring Residence Whitefish Dean Kinney 10683 Local Gov Review 9/30/17
3911 Former Rick's Exxon Facility  Wolf Point  Allen Schiff 10658 Local Gov Review 10/4/17
4555 Former Moore’s Mobil Station Great Falls Donnie McCurry 10697 Local Gov Review 10/11/17
4586 Former Texaco Service Station Havre Donnie McCurry 10716 Local Gov Review 10/17/17
1855 & 3262 Big Sky Fuel Supply, Inc. Black Eagle Donnie McCurry 10699 &10700 Local Gov Review 10/17/17
4282 Sidney Superpumper/ Farstad Oil Sidney Donnie McCurry 10232 Local Gov Review 10/17/17
3393 Plains Service Center Plains Dean Kinney 10695 Local Gov Review  10/19/17
1904 P&R Distributing Whitefish Reed MIner 10689 Local Gov Review  10/19/17
120 Thriftway Superstop #4 Butte Donnie McCurry 10701 Local Gov Review 10/26/17
3585 Johnie's Standard Chinook  Donnie McCurry 10707 Lcoal Gov Review 10/26/17
2032 County Shop #1 Big Sandy Donnie McCurry 10709 Lcoal Gov Review 10/31/17

Butte School District #1 Bus Barn

Butte William Bergum 10717 Lcoal Gov Review 10/20/17
4078 Former Ninth Street Conoco Great Falls  Donnie McCurry 10711 Local Gov Review 11/1/17
2447 Jiffy Mart II (Mikes's Conoco) Columbia Falls Reed MIner 10645 Local Gov Review 11/1/17