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DEQ works to protect the land from contamination in order to provide Montanans with a clean and healthy state. Our mining and waste permitting programs minimize impacts to the environment. Where contamination is discovered, our remediation programs provide the oversight and support services to conduct effective cleanup activities.

DEQ Recycling Campaign to "Go Strawless"

Americans throw away more than 500 million straws every day and most of them are plastic. Next time at a restaurant ask for your drink to be strawless. Or consider alternatives such as reusable stainless steel and even plastic straws. Paper straws are making a comeback, too.    

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Old Industrial Site Near Kalispell Hits Milestone

 A historic industrial site outside of Kalispell that once housed a post and pole treatment plant, a petroleum refinery, and a bulk petroleum plant has reached a cleanup milestone. The site, known as KYI, was highly contaminated but is now nearing a point where the property can be redeveloped. 

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