Information Management and Technical Services (IMTS)

The Information Management and Technical Services (IMTS) Section provides technical support services for the Water Quality Division’s Clean Water Act programs in the areas of data systems development and project management, database stewardship, data management, program reporting, and library services. Specifically, the section’s staff manages data systems supporting water quality metric (sample) data, water quality assessments, TMDL development and implementation, water discharge permits, and our non-point source water quality reference library. Section staff maintains the bureau's library database and ensures access to documents, reports, books, periodicals, and maps that exist in hard-copy and electronic format, or both. Section staff also provides systems and business process analysis for custom application development supporting data analysis, data reduction and presentation, data systems integration, and enhanced reporting capabilities. Finally, the section also prepares the state’s biennial Water Quality Integrated Report that includes the list of impaired waters in need of TMDLs and the statewide water quality report as required by sections 303(d) and 305(b) of the federal Clean Water Act.

IMTS Section Functions Include:

  • Operation and maintenance of statewide water quality and assessment databases
  • Management of permit, monitoring, and compliance data for all water discharge permits and authorizations issued by the Water Protection Bureau
  • Preparation of reports on the condition (quality) of Montana's water resources
  • Dissemination of monitoring data and assessment decisions using online web services
  • Technical assistance in development of water pollution abatement plans (TMDLs)
  • Computer systems analysis, development, and management
  • Project management for systems development
  • Water Quality Planning Bureau Library management