Fee FAQs

The DEQ Water Protection Bureau (WPB) has compiled the following list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to provide assistance to permittees in regard to annual fees assessed by the WPB. Annual fees are assessed and invoices mailed to permit holders in March for the previous calendar year. When a permit is terminated, the annual fee for the current calendar year will be billed to the permit holder.

If you have any fee-related questions, please contact the WPB Fiscal Specialist, Susan McEachern, at 444-6755 or by email at sumceachern@mt.gov.

It is your annual fee for the previous calendar year for a permit authorized by the Department including but not limited to the following permit types: storm water associated with construction, construction dewatering, groundwater, etc.

The Environmental Protection Agency has delegated authority to the Water Protection Bureau to enforce the Federal Clean Water Act and the Montana Legislature has delegated authority to the Water Protection Bureau to enforce the Montana Water Quality Act.

The Water Protection Bureau is a fee-based program. We receive limited general fund from the Montana Legislature to enforce the delegated Federal and State water requirements.

You signed the Notice of Intent or Permit Application as the owner/operator and that makes you the responsible party.

If you signed on behalf of a company or LLC, it is the entity's responsibility to pay the annual fee; you are the person indicated as a contact.

The transfer occurred in the current calendar year, making you responsible for the previous year's annual fee. You may want to work with the current owner to see who will be paying this invoice.

For permit transfer information and form, go to the following site: http://deq.mt.gov/water/wpb/wpbforms/permit_transfers

You did not submit a Notice of Termination prior to the beginning of the calendar year invoiced.

The permit was effective during the previous calendar year.

You will also be responsible for paying the current year's annual fee as the permit is considered active.

Water Protection does not prorate fees.

Any time you apply for a permit and the permit is effective, you or your entity is responsible for all annual fees until you inform us in writing or submit a Notice of Termination. Please refer to your permit as to how to correctly terminate your permit.

Application fees are nonrefundable except, as required by 75-5-516(1)(d), MCA, if the permit or authorization is not issued the department shall return a portion of the application fee based on avoided enforcement costs. The department shall return 25 percent of the application fee if the application is withdrawn within 30 days after submittal.

You received a violation letter sometime during the previous calendar year for failing to meet your permit conditions.

Your annual report was due in this office on January 28, not postmarked.

For Storm Water Associated with Construction, you will need to submit a Notice of Termination (NOT) and ensure the completed project has met the stabilization criteria set forth in the General Permit, of which you received a copy. The NOT and General Permit are also available online at: http://deq.mt.gov/Water/WPB/mpdes/stormwaterconstruction

You may need to submit a letter requesting termination depending on your permit type. Refer to your copy of the permit. General Permits are also available on-line; go to the following site and locate your permit type: http://deq.mt.gov/Water/WPB/mpdes#GP

You will be sent to a collection agency and will then need to direct all correspondence to that agency.

It may have been a renewal, permit transfer, or modification fee.

You may have one or more effective permits with the Water Protection Bureau.