Data Management

As part of the Information & Technical Services Section, the primary goal of the Compliance Data Management Team is to ensure the integrity of permit, monitoring and compliance data for every permit and authorization issued by the Water Protection Bureau. This involves monitoring program submissions and activities, updating and maintaining database and hard-copy systems and information, generating technical and analytical reports, providing compliance and noncompliance notifications to discharge permit holders, and providing assistance and information to permit holders as well as the public.

The information used to manage and assess compliance of permitted facilities is stored in several databases as well as hard-copy files. The Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) is a secure system only available to EPA and state users. The Online Tracking Information System (OTIS) is a collection of search engines that enable state and federal users to access a wide range of data relating to enforcement and compliance. Information from ICIS and OTIS is accessible to the public through the Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO). ECHO is a web-based tool that provides public users with compliance monitoring and enforcement data.

Information Requests

MPDES permit information is available for public review either in our office, online, or by request. Electronic data is available through the EPA Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO);or using EPA's DMR Loading Tool.

Information requests can be submitted electronically to the Water Protection Bureau by submitting requests through the Requesting Public Records and Information website.  Documents can be provided in hardcopy format or as scanned electronic documents. *Please note that charges may apply for paper copies. Electronic documents can be delivered via email or using the state's File Transfer Service.

Timeframes for Information/Data requests are as follows:

Contested Cases:
Hardcopy format: 5 days*
Electronic: 10 days
Non-Contested Cases:
Hardcopy format: 10 days*
Electronic: 20 days