Compliance & Technical Support Section

Purpose and Goal

Compliance and Enforcement is an integral part of environmental protection. The Compliance and Technical Support Section provides compliance assistance to areas that yield the most environmental benefit or reduce risk to human health and pursues enforcement when applicable. The overall compliance status of each facility is monitored through continual review of permit requirements through the self-monitoring component of the program and on-site inspections.

Compliance monitoring is one of the key components the Section uses to protect human health and the environment by ensuring that the regulated community understands and complies with permit requirements through visits by qualified inspectors, and a review of self-monitoring reports submitted by the permit holders.

The staff also provide compliance assistance through one-on-one counseling, online resources, guides and trainings to the regulated community to help them understand their requirements and to minimize or prevent violations from occurring at regulated facilities.

Inspectors provide technical support with hands-on assistance to small municipal wastewater treatment plant operators and businesses to provide compliance assistance, and identify maintenance and performance improvement matters by providing operations, maintenance and technical assistance at no cost to the community. The inspectors develop procedures and protocol for compliance evaluations to ensure equity and consistency in compliance evaluations. Each inspector prepares and manages enforcement cases and provides technical support to the permit holders through the Department's Enforcement Division in returning permit holders to compliance with their permits.

The mission of the Compliance and Technical Support Section includes providing proper fiscal, data, and information management support and regulatory expertise essential to protect public health and the environment from the harmful effects of improper, inadequate, or unsound management of water pollutants within the limits of authority delegated by the Legislature and applicable federal statutes.