NetDMR Submission Information

What is NetDMR?
NetDMR is a free web based tool for regulated permittees to submit Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) electronically via a secure Internet application via the Environmental Information Exchange Network. All Montana facilities required to submit DMRs are eligible to file electronically with NetDMR.

Benefits of NetDMR

  • Reduces paperwork burden
  • Assists with DMR data quality by automatically checking for certain violations prior to submission
  • Improves timeliness and accessibility of DMR data
  • Provides instant confirmation of submission
  • Allows for fast revisions of DMRs to be submitted electronically
  • Allows for the attachment of approved supporting documents – Metal and WET test analyticals, other documents submit via hard copy

System Requirements

  • Internet Access Requirements: High-speed access to the Internet, such as DSL, cable-modem, T1 or partial T1
  • Hardware Requirements: Minimum Pentium III processor and 128 megabytes of RAM
  • Browser Requirements: Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6.x or higher


I. Attend NetDMR Training before Creating a NetDMR Account using one of two trainings:

II. Create an account in NetDMR Test Site

  • Step 1: Create an account in the NetDMR Test Site (used for training only)
  • Step 2: Request your permit (s) and practice entering and submitting data in your NetDMR test account. A subscriber agreement is required in NetDMR test
  • Step 3: After entering DMRs in the test environment log into the NetDMR Production Site

III. Create an account in NetDMR Production Site

  • Step 1: Go to NetDMR Production Site (used for actual DMR submissions)
  • Step 2: Request your permit and VERIFY that your DMRs in NetDMR production match your permit requirements
  • Step 3: Submit a subscriber agreement for each permit/permits to which you are requesting NetDMR production access. You will be prompted to do so when you request your permit/permits. You must receive an email confirming your account has been approved prior to entering DMR data
  • Step 4: Enter and submit DMR data in your NetDMR production account per your permit(s) requirements
  • Step 5: Print a copy of a submitted DMR (COR) Print COR