Montana Wetland Council

Montana Wetland Council

Montana's overarching wetland goal is: No overall net loss of the state's remaining wetland resource base (as of 1989) and an overall increase in the quality and quantity of wetlands in Montana.

Montana has created a five-year Strategic Framework 2013-2017 to prioritize and direct collective efforts on wetlands and riparian area conservation and restoration.  The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the lead state agency for wetland protection, has chosen a collaborative approach involving the Montana Wetland Council, to develop and help implement the state wetland plan.

The Montana Wetland Council is an active network of diverse interest that works cooperatively to conserve and restore Montana's wetlands and riparian ecosystems.

As part of its strategic framework, the Wetland Council offers Public Education & Professional Training. Additionally, the Wetlands Council offers Assistance to Local Governments through planning and growth management tools that help to protect wetlands and riparian areas.

The Montana Wetland Council also supports the completion, maintenance, and dissemination of statewide digital wetland and riparian information though its Mapping, Assessment, and Monitoring program.

Another key strategic objective of the council is Restoration, Protection, and Management of wetlands in Montana.

Two final strategic directions entail Planning and Policy Assistance to local, state, tribal, and federal governments and the contribution to better understand the effects of energy development, limited water resources, and invasive aquatic species on Vulnerable and Impacted Wetlands.

Montana Wetland Stewardship Awards are presented by the Montana Wetlands Council to recognize individuals and organizations that contribute to the conservation of wetlands and are awarded once every two years.

Upcoming Meetings: March 20, 2017 at the Montana State Capitol Building for Wetland and Watershed Stewardship Awards.

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