Wetland Examples

The following listings are the main types of wetlands that occur in Montana.

  • Prairie Pothole Glaciated depressions found mostly in northeastern Montana.
  • Intermontane Pothole Depressional wetlands found along western Montana's mountainous region.
  • Fens Wetlands that occur as precipitation fills an area with an already elevated water table.
  • Beaver Ponds Wetlands that form as a result of beaver activities.
  • Wet Meadows Common statewide; wetlands that form as a result of poor geographic drainage.
  • Restored/Created Former wetlands that have been recovered, or in some cases newly created.
  • Lacustrine Fringe Wetlands occurring alongside lakes and ponds.
  • Seep and Spring Wetlands influenced by groundwater coming to surface.
  • Riparian Areas Wetlands alongside moving waters.
  • Saline Wetlands Wetlands that occur as saline-laden groundwater upswells onto the surface.