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*TMDLs are specific to a waterbody segment - pollutant combination. Some project areas with completed TMDLs may still require TMDL development for additional waterbody-pollutant combinations. Priority areas are subject to change.

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(Dates next to each TMDL document are the EPA approval dates. Some documents may have had edits made after this date and will include an erratum that details the changes. Always check DEQ's website for the most recent document version)


Upper Missouri

Approved TMDL Documents


Project Website

Tribal Lands

*The State does not have jurisdiction over tribal lands, The DEQ, therefore, does not monitor water quality. You will be redirected to tribal web sites

Blackfeet Reservation Water Quality Program

Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes

Crow Nation

Fort Belknap Environmental Program

Fort Peck Tribes Water Resource Office

Northern Cheyenne