Submit Data to Montana DEQ

Submit Surface Water Data to DEQ

DEQ provides detailed guidance to organizations, individuals, and laboratories on how to submit ambient water quality data to DEQ. Montana uses a system called the Montana EquIS Water Quality Exchange (MT-eWQX) to store water quality monitoring data, including physical, chemical, biological and habitat data, from locations across the state. Once verified, this data is submitted to EPA’s Water Quality Portal.

Step 1: Prepare Your EDD

Data must be submitted to MT-eWQX in a specific electronic format known as an Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD). Data providers are required to download the MT-eWQX EDD and populate it with the project data to be submitted. Detailed guidance for populating the MT-eWQX EDD can be found in the MT-eWQX Guidance Manual. Data submittals in specific response to the department’s biennial ‘Call for Data’ supporting water quality assessments have a specific guidance manual, which is provided below.

MT-eWQX EDD MT-eWQX Guidance Manual MT-eWQX Guidance Manual - Call for Data


Step 2: Validate Your EDD

After the MT-eWQX EDD is populated, all data must be validated using the EQuIS Data Processor (EDP). The EDP is a standalone application that allows data providers to check their EDD files prior to submission to ensure they are formatted correctly. The EDD must have a clean validation from the EDP prior to data submission to DEQ. Refer to the EDP Guidance Manual for detailed instructions.

EDP Guidance Manual Download EDP

Step 3: Submit Your EDD

In order to submit an EDD, the following are required:

Information about all the above requirements can be found within the MT-eWQX Guidance Manual.

If you need assistance during the EDD submittal process, contact Deanna Tarum or Jolene McQuillan.

Additional Information

The following field forms are provided by DEQ to assist with project data management:

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Information for Laboratories

This link is provided to assist laboratories in producing a MT-eWQX compatible EDD. The requirements provided in this document are specific for laboratories and should not be used by data providers submitting data to DEQ.

NOTE: Labs are required to report both the Method Detection Limit (MDL) and Lower Reporting Limit (LRL) for each result. The MDL value as defined by EPA (40 CFR Appendix B to Part 136) is required. The LRL shall be the value the lab defines as the lower limit of quantitation.

The following templates are provided by DEQ to assist labs in producing a MT-eWQX compatible EDD:

Need Help?

If you need assistance during the EDD submittal process, contact Jolene McQuillan.