Montana's Clean Water Act Information Center


Before You Begin

In order to take full advantage of the CWAIC site pop-up blockers should be disabled. For pop-up blockers that appear in your toolbar, simply click the blocker icon to enable/disable it, otherwise, please refer to your pop-up blocker software help file.

Querying Water Quality Assessment Database

  1. Select a year to query
  2. Select the search tab that contains the filter criterion you are most interested in.
  3. Use one of the radio buttons to filter criterion from among the choices given. If no more filtering is required press the "Search" button
  4. If desired, choose one of the optional filters to refine the data the press the "Filtered Search" button.
  5. From the results page you may either:
    • Review and refine your results by sorting on criteria.
    • Press “Map All” to produce an interactive map that identifies all waterbodies returned in the search.
    • View interactive map results for individual Assessment Units by selecting "Map" in the far right of the results grid
    • View Individual results by selecting AUID, this opens the Summary Report which provides:
      1. The assessment unit description and a brief synopsis of available data.
      2. A Link to the full Assessment Report-A PDF copy of the electronic assessment record.
      3. A Show Map link which will provide a detailed interactive map showing the chosen waterbody with additional options for refinement.
      4. Links to available TMDLs for pollutants within the Assessment Unit
    • To retrieve results for a different year using the same search terms, change the year section of the web address in the address bar.
    • To initiate a new search select the “New Search” link in the upper left-hand corner of the site.

Providing Comment on Montana’s DRAFT Integrated Report

When the public comment period is open a link will be provided from the reports page to our "Public Comment" site.

To Contact Us:

If you have any questions about the use of this site, please contact DEQ's Water Quality Planning Bureau, Information Management & Technical Services Section CWAIC Application Manager.
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