Surface Water Discharge

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality has the responsibility to protect the public health and the environment by ensuring wastewater is properly handled and treated safely. Whenever a municipality, industry, or other entity wishes to discharge water to a surface water of the state, that entity must first obtain a permit from DEQ. Montana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (MPDES) permits regulate wastewater discharges by limiting the quantities of pollutants to be discharged. The limits and/or requirements in the permit help ensure compliance with Montana’s Water Quality Standards, State and Federal Regulations, all of which were written to protect public health and the aquatic environment. The series of steps for a particular permit may vary somewhat depending on the size, nature, and complexity of the discharge.

Types of Permits

There are two types of Montana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits: Individual and General. An Individual MPDES permit is unique to each facility. The limitations and requirements in an Individual Permit are based on the facility's operations, type and amount of discharge, and the nature of the receiving stream, among other factors. Conversely, some point sources can be grouped under a category of sources that contain very similar or, in many cases, identical effluent limitations and requirements; their contents have been compiled into one permit, known as a General Permit.

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A General Permit is one permit that covers facilities that have similar operations and types of discharge. General Permits are used to cover discharges that will have a minimal effect on the environment. Examples of this category of permit would be wastewater discharges associated with common activities, such as concentrated animal feeding operations and storm water discharges from construction or industrial activity. Written authorization from DEQ is required before an applicant can dishcarge under the General Permit.

The General Permit for Pesticides is the wastewater discharge mechanism for anyone who applies pesticides into or over state surface water. This is not a pesticide permit; rather, it is a wastewater discharge permit under the Montana Pollution Discharge Elimination System (MPDES) program. A completed Notice of Intent is required. Note, in Montana, if an applicant requests coverage for annual pesticide applications in areas greater than annual pesticide use pattern thresholds list in Table 1 of the Pesticide General Permit, they are classified as above-threshold (or Tier II) facilities and are subject to additional requirements, including the development of a Pesticide Discharge Managemement Plan. If application coverage is for less than the acreage thresholds, they are considered Tier I permit holders and subject to universal requirements.

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The General Permit for Portable Suction Dredges regulates wash water effluent into state waters. Effluent limitations, monitoring requirements, and other conditions are set forth in Parts I, II, III, and IV of the General Permit. Written authorization from DEQ is required before an applicant can discharge under the General Permit.

New applicants must secure area seasonal stream restrictions from the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks biologist. Both new and renewal applicants must complete a Notice of Intent (Form NOI37) , which is filed with DEQ. The fee structure is included on the NOI37 form. All applicants must secure a no-cost Section 310 Permit from the local Conservation District.

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Individual MPDES Permits regulate wastewater discharges from point sources that do not fall under the guidelines for a General Permit. The individual permitting process is more rigorous, as individual permits address the specific conditions of the facility or activity needing authorization.

Montana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (MPDES) Individual Permit Forms

Permit Number Facility Name Permittee Name Location
MT0000019 Whitefish Depot BNSF Whitefish MT
MT0000035 M2Green Redevelopment WWT System M2Green Redevelopment LLC Missoula MT
MT0000094 Seaboard Foods Seaboard Foods LLC Missoula MT
MT0000191 Montana Resources Montana Resources Butte MT
MT0000205 Bonner Mill Site Bonner Property Development Bonner MT
MT0000221 Kootenai Business Park Kootenai Business Park Industrial Dstrict Libby MT
MT0000230 Montana Sulphur and Chemical Co Montana Sulphur and Chemical Co Billings MT
MT0000248 Sugar Beet Processing Facility Sidney Sugars Inc Richland County MT
MT0000256 Phillips 66 Billings Refinery Phillips 66 Company Billings MT
MT0000264 Cenex Harvest States Cooperatives Cenex Harvest States Cooperatives Laurel MT
MT0000281 Sugar Beet Processing Facility Western Sugar Cooperative Yellowstone County MT
MT0000302 Lewis & Clark Station Steam Electric Power Plant Montana Dakota Utilities Co Sidney MT
MT0000388 Montana Rail Link  Helena Montana Rail Link Helena MT
MT0000400 City of Harlowton City of Harlowton Harlowton MT
MT0000442 Great Falls WTP City of Great Falls Great Falls MT
MT0000451 Ash Grove Cement Company Ash Grove Cement Company Clancy MT
MT0000477 ExxonMobil Billings Refinery ExxonMobil Corporation Billings, MT
MT0000485 GCC Three Forks, LLC GCC Three Forks, LLC Three Forks MT
MT0000884 Big Sky Coal Company Big Sky Coal Company Colstrip MT
MT0000892 Decker West Mine Decker Coal Company Bighorn County MT
MT0000931 City of Harlem WTP City of Harlem Harlem MT
MT0020001 City of Miles City Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant City of Miles City Miles City MT
MT0020028 City of Hamilton Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant City of Hamilton Hamilton MT
MT0020036 City of Columbia Falls WWTP City of Columbia Falls Columbia Falls MT
MT0020044 City of Lewistown Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facilities City of Lewistown Lewistown MT
MT0020052 City of Choteau WWTP City of Choteau Teton County MT
MT0020079 City of Conrad WWTP City of Conrad Conrad MT
MT0020125 City of Chinook WWTP City of Chinook Blaine County MT
MT0020133 Town of Whitehall WWTP Town of Whitehall Whitehall MT
MT0020141 City of Cut Bank WWTP City of Cut Bank Cut Bank MT
MT0020168 Lolo Water & Sewer District Missoula County Commissioners Lolo MT
MT0020184 City of Whitefish Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant City of Whitefish Whitefish MT
MT0020249 Town of Joliet WWTP Town of Joliet Carbon County MT
MT0020303 Town of Bridger WWTP Town of Bridger Bridger MT
MT0020311 City of Laurel Wastewater Plant City of Laurel Laurel MT
MT0020338 Town of Chester WWTP Town of Chester Chester MT
MT0020354 City of Harlowton WWTP City of Harlowton Harlowton MT
MT0020371 Town of Ekalaka WWTP Town of Ekalaka Ekalaka MT
MT0020389 City of Malta WWTP City of Malta Malta MT
MT0020397 City of Bigfork Wastewater Treatment Plant City of Bigfork Bigfork MT
MT0020401 Town of Three Forks WWTP Town of Three Forks Gallatin County MT
MT0020435 City of Livingston Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant City of Livingston Livingston MT
MT0020451 Town of Ryegate WWTP Town of Ryegate Golden Valley County MT
MT0020460 Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch Billings MT
MT0020478 City of Red Lodge Domestic Wastewater Plant City of Red Lodge Red Lodge MT
MT0020494 City of Libby Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant City of Libby Libby MT
MT0020516 Town of Wibaux WWTP Town of Wibaux Wibaux MT
MT0020656 Hinsdale Water and Sewer District WWTP Hinsdale Water and Sewer District Hinsdale MT
MT0020664 City of Superior WWTP City of Superior Superior MT
MT0020699 City of White Sulphur Springs WWTP City of White Sulphur Springs White Sulphur Springs MT
MT0020702 Town of Winnett WWTP Town of Winnett Winnett MT
MT0020753 City of Big Timber WWTP City of Big Timber Big Timber MT
MT0020796 Town of Circle WWTP Town of Circle Circle MT
MT0021211 City of Glasgow WWTP City of Glasgow Glasgow MT
MT0021270 City of Harlem WWTP City of Harlem Harlem MT
MT0021288 City of Forsyth WWTP City of Forsyth Forsyth MT
MT0021385 Town of Jordan WWTP Town of Jordan Jordan MT
MT0021431 Galen WWTP Montana Behavioral Health Galen MT
MT0021440 Vaughn Cascade Cnty Sewer District  WWTP Vaughn Cascade Cnty Sewer District Cascade County MT
MT0021458 City of Dillon WWTP City of Dillon Dillon MT
MT0021555 Town of Alberton  WWTP Town of Alberton Alberton MT
MT0021571 Town of Belt WWTP Town of Belt Belt MT
MT0021601 City of Fort Benton WWTP City of Fort Benton Fort Benton MT
MT0021628 City of Glendive Domestic Wastewater Treatment Lagoon City of Glendive Glendive MT
MT0021636 Town of Hobson WWTP Town of Hobson Hobson MT
MT0021679 Town of Sunburst WWTP Town of Sunburst Sunburst MT
MT0021709 Town of Hysham WWTP Town of Hysham Hysham MT
MT0021733 Community of West Glendive WWTP Dawson County West Glendive West Glendive MT
MT0021750 Absarokee Sewer District RSID 5 & 7 WWTP Absarokee Sewer District RSID 5 & 7 Absarokee MT
MT0021792 Town of Valier WWTP Town of Valier Valier MT
MT0021849 City of Sidney Wastewater Treatment Facility City of Sidney Sidney MT
MT0021857 City of Manhattan WWTP City of Manhattan Manhattan MT
MT0021920 City of Great Falls Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant City of Great Falls Great Falls MT
MT0021938 City of Kalispell Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant City of Kalispell Kalispell MT
MT0022012 City and County of Butte-Silver Bow Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facilities City and County of Butte-Silver Bow Butte MT
MT0022080 Highwood County Water & Sewer District  WWTP Highwood County Water & Sewer District Highwood MT
MT0022161 Town of Stanford WWTP Town of Stanford Stanford MT
MT0022373 City of Colstrip WWTP City of Colstrip Colstrip MT
MT0022390 USCOE Libby Dam USCOE Libby Dam Libby MT
MT0022454 Town of Big Sandy WWTP Town of Big Sandy Big Sandy MT
MT0022462 Town of Denton WWTP Town of Denton Denton MT
MT0022535 City of Havre Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant City of Havre Havre MT
MT0022578 US Bureau of Reclamation - Hungry Horse Dam US Bureau of Reclamation Hungry Horse MT
MT0022586 City of Billings Sewage Treatment Plant City of Billings Billings MT
MT0022594 City of Missoula Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facilities City of Missoula Missoula, MT
MT0022608 City of Bozeman Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facilities City of Bozeman Bozeman MT
MT0022616 City of Deer Lodge Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facility City of Deer Lodge Deer Lodge MT
MT0022641 City of Helena Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant City of Helena Helena MT
MT0022705 Gardiner Park County Water & Sewer Dist WWTP Gardiner Park County Water & Sewer Dist Gardiner MT
MT0022713 Town of Stevensville WWTP Town of Stevensville Stevensville MT
MT0023078 Town of Boulder WWTP Town of Boulder Boulder MT
MT0023566 Elkhorn Health and Rehabilitation WWTP Elkhorn Health and Rehabilitation LLC Alhambra MT
MT0023604 Westmoreland Savage Corp  Savage Mine Westmoreland Savage Corp W of Savage MT
MT0023639 Peace Valley Hot Springs Wastewater Treatment Facility Peace Valley Hot Springs Jefferson County MT
MT0023965 Rosebud Mine Western Energy Company Colstrip MT
MT0024210 Decker East Mine Decker Coal Company Blaine County MT
MT0024619 Spring Creek Coal - Spring Creek Mine Spring Creek Coal LLC Decker MT
MT0024716 Stillwater Mining Co  Stillwater Mine Stillwater Mining Company Stillwater County MT
MT0024783 Richland County Savage Lagoon Richland County Commissioners Richland County
MT0025020 Paleo Search Inc. Suction Dredge Paleo Search Inc. Lewis and Clark County MT
MT0025038 Willow Creek WWTP Willow Creek Sewer District #306 Willow Creek MT
MT0026808 Stillwater Mining Co  East Boulder  Stillwater Mining Company Big Timber MT
MT0027430 County Sewer & Water Dist of Rocker  County Sewer & Water Dist of Rocker Rocker MT
MT0027821 Beaverhead Mine Rio Tinto Minerals Madison County MT
MT0028118 City of Livingston Municipal Swimming Pool City of Livingston Livingston MT
MT0028321 Suction Dredge Operation ExxonMobil Corp Billings MT
MT0028584 Yellowstone Mine Imerys Talc America Inc Madison MT
MT0028665 Sun Prairie Village WWTP  Sun Prairie Village Water & Sewer District Sun Prairie MT
MT0028720 City of Helena -Ten Mile WWTP City of Helena Helena MT
MT0028797 Town of Twin Bridges WWTP Town of Twin Bridges Twin Bridges MT
MT0028843 Ennis Hot Springs WWTP Ennis Hot Springs LLP Ennis MT
MT0028983 Bull Mountain Mine #1 WWT Signal Peak Energy LLC Roundup MT
MT0029840 Econo Lodge Motel Partners I Missoula MT
MT0029891 Treasure Mine Barretts Minerals Inc Dillon MT
MT0029980 Potable Water Treatment Plant Montana Aviation Research Co Valley County MT
MT0030015 M & W Milling and Refining  M & W Milling and Refining Madison County MT
MT0030066 Columbia Falls Aluminum Columbia Falls Aluminum Co LLC Flathead County
MT0030091 Stockett Water & Sewer Dist WWTP Stockett Water & Sewer Dist Stockett MT
MT0030147 ASARCO East Helena Site Montana Environmental Trust Group LLC East Helena MT
MT0030155 Potable WTP City of Bozeman Bozeman MT
MT0030180 Yellowstone Energy Limited Partnership Yellowstone Energy Limited Partnership Billings MT
MT0030244 Town of Kevin WWTP Town of Kevin Kevin MT
MT0030252 Treated WW TVX Mineral Hill Inc Gardiner MT
MT0030261 City of Laurel City of Laurel Laurel MT
MT0030279 Montanore Mine Montanore Minerals Corp Libby MT
MT0030287 Rock Creek Mine Revett Silver Company Sanders County MT
MT0030295 City of Roundup WWTP City of Roundup Roundup MT
MT0030309 Town of Grass Range WWTP Town of Grass Range Grass Range MT
MT0030341 City of Libby WWTP City of Libby Libby MT
MT0030350 REC Advanced Silicon Materials WWTP REC Advanced Silicon Materials LLC Silver Bow County MT
MT0030392 Wright Creek Water Disposal Facility M and K Oil Company Inc Powder River County MT
MT0030414 City of Whitefish WTP City of Whitefish Whitefish MT
MT0030422 City of Colstrip WTP City of Colstrip Colstrip MT
MT0030465 Town of Plains WWTP Town of Plains Plains MT
MT0030473 City of Chinook Potable Water City of Chinook Blaine County MT
MT0030601 Lake McDonald WWTP Glacier National Park West Glacier MT
MT0030651 Non Contact Cooling Water Don Abbey Rollins MT
MT0030732 Town of Ennis WWTP Town of Ennis Ennis MT
MT0031411 Stoker Coal Processing Facility Wolf Mountain Coal Inc Decker MT
MT0031437 Sweetgrass Community WWTP Sweetgrass Comm Community Water Sewer Dist Toole County MT
MT0031453 Town of Winifred WWTP Town of Winifred Winifred MT
MT0031488 City of Shelby WWTP City of Shelby Shelby MT
MT0031500 Town of Philipsburg  WWTP Town of Philipsburg Philipsburg MT
MT0031551 Fort Peck Dam US Army Corps of Engineers Fort Peck
MT0031623 Ionfina Natural Gas WWTP Ionfina Natural Gas Inc Gilford MT
MT0031631 City of Bozeman WTP City of Bozeman Bozeman MT
MT0031658 Non Contact Cooling Water John Collins Whitefish MT
MT0031666 Baldwin Lynch Energy Treatment Facility Baldwin Lynch Energy Corporation Belfry MT
MT0031691 Belle Creek Central Facility Denbury Onshore LLC Powder River County
MT0031712 Wolf Creek County Water Sewer Dist  WWTP Wolf Creek County Water Sewer Dist Wolf Creek MT
MT0031721 Drumlummon Gold Mine Drumlummon Gold Corporation Inc Marysville MT
MT0031747 Krause Lease H & R Energy LLC Toole County MT
MT0031755 Butte Highlands Mine Butte Highlands JV LLC Silver Bow County
MT0031763 Rock Creek Mine - Road Project RC Resources Sanders County
MT0031780 Rosebud Power Plant Colstrip Energy Limited Partnership Colstrip MT
MT0031798 Culbertson WWTF Town of Culbertson Culbertson MT
MT0031861 Montana Artesian Water Company Montana Artesian Water Company Creston, MT
MT0031879 Laurel Travel Center Domestic WWTF TA Operating LLC Laurel, MT
MT0022560 City of East Helena WWTP City of East Helena East Helena MT
MT0021229 Westmoreland Resources - Absaloka Mine Westmoreland Resources Inc Big Horn County MT