Montana Drinking Water Watch

Montana Drinking Water Watch (MT DWW) allows direct public access to a wide range of public water supply system information. This information is drawn directly from Montana's Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS/MT). It is real-time, meaning the information presented is current in the database as of the time the request is made.

  • Active systems can be searched by name, PWS number, county, water system type, and/or primary source water type. System information returned includes:

    • Details of the system and its active facilities and sample points.
    • Individuals responsible for the system and available contact information.
    • Open sample schedules and facility analyte field schedules.
    • Bacteriological and chemical/radiological samples and results.
    • Violations and the enforcement actions taken to resolve them.
    • Site visit dates and basic deficiency information.

  • Sample result information can be directly accessed by system or across systems by specifying county, water system type, and/or primary source water type.

  • The Review Consumer Confidence Data feature generates a report containing much of the system specific data needed to assist community water systems in creating a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). Use it along with EPA's CCR iWritertool to produce a regulation-compliant CCR.

  • DWW includes an extensive context driven Glossary which provides explanations and definitions for the information presented on each page. Be sure to click the page Glossary link if you have any questions about how to access information or interpret the information presented.

  • Consult the Montana DWW Frequently Asked Questions document for additional help and use tips.