Approved Training Providers

Approved Training Providers

An Approved Training Provider is an organization whose primary focus is to train and provide continuing education opportunities to water and wastewater operators.  The organization cannot have a vested interest in selling or marketing any product or service related to water or wastewater other than training.  This organization has met the approval of the Department of Environmental Quality Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Program, with guidance from the Continuing Education Credit Review Committee, and the Montana Water and Wastewater Operator Advisory Council.

We are currently taking applications for anyone who wants to be an Approved Training Provider (ATP) that is qualified. 

Approved Training Provider and Individual Training Course Guidelines

Training Provider Links


METCMontana Environmental Training Center:

The Montana Environmental Training Center (METC) is a training organization whose goals are to provide a base for state training coordination, to develop and implement effective training, and to provide technical guidance for water and wastewater operators and other environmental and public health professionals.  This process contributes to preserving the large public investment in water and wastewater systems and to protecting and improving the quality of Montana's environment.  Their website contains information including all of their current training courses with the brochures, registration forms, photo galleries, what's new with METC, and much more.  Click on the link above to see their website.


MRWS Montana Rural Water System Inc.

Montana Rural Water Systems, Inc. (MRWS) is a nonprofit association of towns, cities, rural water & sewer districts, water users associations, home owners associations, trailer parks, and private systems.  In addition MRWS welcomes Associate Memberships from engineers, suppliers, financial institutions, contractors, attorneys, accountants, and other organizations interested in water, wastewater, and solid waste industries.  They provide quality services for member systems to enable them to produce the best product with their available resources.  Their website contains current training with descriptions, membership information, questions and answers, and much more.  Click on the link above to see their website.


awwasymbolMontana Section American Water Works Association

The Montana Section of American Water Works Association (MSAWWA) is dedicated to the promotion of public health and welfare in the provision of drinking water of unquestionable quality and sufficient quantity.  Montana Section of AWWA will provide the forum and opportunity through which its membership can exchange information, learn of new issues and technologies, educate the public, and enhance the professionalism of workers in all areas of the water industry.  Their website contains their Annual Conference information, what's new with MSAWWA, EPA information, and much more.  Click on the link above to see their website.



Midwest Assistance Program (MAP) is a nonprofit, organization dedicated to helping small, rural communities find affordable and workable solutions to their water, wastewater and solid waste issues. MAP provides community leaders with on-site technical, and development assistance. 


awwa  American Water Works Association (AWWA) 

The American Water Works Association is an international, nonprofit, scientific and educational society dedicated to providing total water solutions assuring the effective management of water. Founded in 1881, the Association is the largest organization of water supply professionals in the world. To view upcoming AWWA webinars, please refer to distance learning webinars


ceu plan  CEU Plan provides affordable state approved online training soultions for the purpose of water, wastewater, environmental health, and engineering professional license renewal recertification throughout the United States. 



Technical Learning College (TLC) offers affordable continuing education for today’s working professionals who need to maintain licenses or certifications primarily for operator certification. http://www.abctlc.com/  



The Office of Water Programs at the California State University, Sacramento, provides distance-learning courses for persons interested in the operation and maintenance of drinking water and wastewater facilities. 


Zarathom is an online training based company, designed to provide professional water and wastewater operators a classroom environment to improve their general knowledge of water and wastewater industry standards, and at the same time satisfy the continuing education and contact hour requirements associated with the certified water and wastewater operator license renewal.