Operator Certification Resources




12 Steps To Become a Certified Operator

  • 1. Drinking Water Application or Wastewater Application 
  • 2. Read information received thoroughly
  • 3. Fully complete application
  • Personal information (keep Certification Office informed of change)
  • Experience used to determine if fully certified
  • Education--if no High School Diploma or G.E.D. a Competency Test must be taken.
  • 4. Determine what class and type of system (see Certification Chart)
  • 5. Fill in all applicable water and wastewater experience
  • 6. Fill in all applicable education (post-secondary can count up to half of experience requirement)
  • 7. Sign and date the back of the application
  • 8. Mail it back with fees
  • Study! Call the Certification Office with questions.
  • 9. Take the examination. NOTE: There is a 30 day waiting period from the date that the application is received by our office before the exam may be taken. 
  • 10. Wait for the results (approximately 2 weeks)