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Lead in Schools

Lead Reduction in Schools Information for Administrators

There will be two state grants available to schools to help with funding for the lead reduction in school drinking water program.

The lead sampling grant will cover the laboratory costs associated with the initial lead sampling as funding permits. Schools do not need to apply for this grant. As long as the school submits their samples to a Montana certified laboratory for lead, the laboratory will submit the invoice directly to DEQ for review and payment. For the invoice to be paid, the school must have already submitted their plumbing history, inventory and floorplans to DEQ for approval. Only public schools are eligible for this grant. When contacting the laboratory, make sure to tell them this is part of the lead in school program.

DEQ is partnering with Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) to develop a remediation grant program. The grant program will be implemented through OPI. Additional information on how to apply for this grant will be available soon.