Groundwater Awareness Week Resources

If your home's water comes from a well, Groundwater Awareness Week is a perfect reminder to schedule your well's annual maintenance checkup with a qualified water well contractor.


A water well checkup includes a flow test, a well equipment/ construction inspection, and water testing for nitrates, Coliform bacteria, and other constituents that may cause plumbing, staining, change in water appearance, taste, and odor issues.  Remember, you should have your well checked anytime you notice a change in the taste, odor, or appearance of your well water. For more information:

Groundwater Resources

DEQ Source Water Protection Program

National Ground Water Association Well Owner’s page

Montana State University Extension Service Guides:

Taking Care of your Groundwater: a homeowner's guide to wells and septic systems ($4)

Septic Tank and Drainfield Operation and Maintenance (free)

Septic Tank Inspection and Troubleshooting (free)

Local Water Quality Districts:

Missoula Valley Water Quality District

Lewis & Clark County Water Quality Protection District

Gallatin Water Quality Protection District

Other Resources:

Montana Drinking Water Watch

Montana DNRC Board of Water Well Contractors Water Resources Division

Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology's Ground Water Information Center

National Groundwater Association “What You Should Know” Fact Sheets