Statewide TMDL Advisory Group (STAG)

The Statewide TMDL Advisory Group (STAG) is authorized under section 75-5-702(9) of the Montana Water Quality Act. The STAG serves in an advisory capacity to the Department on topics such as TMDL development priorities, water quality assessment methods, water quality data management, and TMDL implementation monitoring. The fourteen member group represents a broad base of water related interest groups in Montana.  The groups represented are livestock-oriented agriculture, farming-oriented agriculture, conservation or environmental interest, water-based recreationists, the forestry industry, municipalities, point source dischargers, mining, federal land management agencies, state trust land management agencies, supervisors of soil and water conservation districts for counties both west and east of the continental divide, the hydroelectric industry, and fishing related businesses.

The advisory group was selected by soliciting nominations from members of each interest group. When there was more than one nominee for a specific interest group the nominators were asked to confer and agree on a representative. There are no STAG member term limits and member replacements, when necessary, are selected using the above approach.

Next Meeting

January 3, 2019

12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Room 111, Metcalf Building
1520 E. Sixth Ave, Helena, MT