Public Water Supply Contacts


The program provides operator training, technical assistance and sanitary surveys to public water suppliers. The program has responsibility for implementing the Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR), Disinfectants/ Disinfection Byproducts Rule (DBP) Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) and Cross-Connection Control. The program is also responsible for the implementation of Phase II & V, Lead and Copper, and the Radionuclide Rules.

Responsibility Contact Phone

Bureau Chief of Public Water

Jon Dilliard 444-2409
Monitoring and Reporting Section Supervisor Eugene Pizzini 444-6972
Field Services Section Supervisor Greg Butts 755-8967
Technical Services Section Supervisor Greg Olsen 444-0493
Surface Water Treatment Rule Manager Lead Lisa Kaufman 444-5313
Ground Water Rule, MT Chlorination Craig Fetkavich 444-3425
Lead and Copper Rule Gregory Montgomery 444-5312
RTCR Rules (C, NTNC) Lead Elizabeth Henrikson 444-2691
Hydrogeology, GWUDISW, Field Inspector Katie Luther 444-4633
Phase II and V, RAD, Chems Diane Jordan 444-6741
Data Analyst Byrne Manley 444-3744
Data Analyst Sarah Norman 444-2954
Data Control Tech Lynnette Radonich 444-7460
Data Control Tech Kindra Rissmann 444-2429
Computer Systems Analyst Gabe Maxwell 444-6861
RTCR Rules [NC] Mary Simmons 444-5314
CCR, Nitrates, Waivers Scott Patterson 444-5360
Field Inspector, Sanitary Surveys Christopher Erickson 444-3967
Field Inspector, Sanitary Surveys Tammy Jacobson 444-4071
Field Inspector, Sanitary Surveys Gerard Gernand 444-5881
Field Inspector, Sanitary Surveys Kirk Yoder 444-7494
Financial Specialist Bureau Coordinator Elizabeth Tobel 444-3071
Rules Coordinator Vacant 444-4071
Rules Technical Coordinator Andrea Vickory 444-3358
Administrative Support Kathy Jensen 444-2859
Administrative Support Jim Sutliff 444-0490


Certifies operators in eighteen classes of water distribution, water treatment, and wastewater treatment systems that serve the public. Through this office, applications are sent and processed, study materials are mailed, exams are scheduled and given twice yearly, and certificates for fully certified and operator-in-training operators are issued. This program also coordinates all activities of the Governor-appointed Water and Wastewater Operators Advisory Council and the Continuing Education Credit Review Committee [CECRC].

Responsibility Contact Phone

License Permit Tech: Certification renewals, CECs, applications, study materials, exams

Reta Therriault 444-3434

License Permit Tech: Applications, study materials, exams, certifications, compliance, and web publishing

Jen VandenBos 444-4584


Staff in the Billings Office performs section responsibilities as described above in the eastern half of the state. Billings office provides coverage for these counties: Big Horn; Carbon; Carter; Custer; Daniels; Dawson; Fallon; Fergus; Garfield; Golden Valley; McCone; Musselshell; Park; Petroleum; Phillips; Powder River; Prairie; Richland; Roosevelt; Rosebud; Sheridan; Stillwater; Sweet Grass; Treasure; Valley; Wheatland; Wibaux; and Yellowstone.

Responsibility Contact Phone
Administrative Support Vacant 247-4430
Engineering Plan Review Matt Waite 247-4455
Field Inspector, Sanitary Surveys,
Cross-Connection Control
Karl Carlson 247-4444
Field Inspector, Sanitary Surveys Vacant 247-4438


Staff in the Kalispell Office performs section responsibilities as described above in the northwest corner of the state. The office provides coverage for these counties: Flathead, Lincoln, Lake, Mineral and Sanders.

Responsibility Contact Phone
Field Services Section Supervisor Greg Butts 755-8967
Administrative Support Elizabeth Smith 755-8965
Engineering Plan Review Emily Gillespie 755-8979
Field Inspector, Sanitary Surveys Mike Kropp 755-8971
Field Inspector, Sanitary Surveys Melissa Gonser 755-8976
Water Security & Emergency Preparedness, Field Inspector, Sanitary Surveys Sandy Arnold 541-9015
DBP Rule Brian Hogenson 541-9014
Field Inspector, Sanitary Surveys Melee Valett 541-9016


Engineering Services Program staff performs plan and specifications review of proposed improvements to public water and wastewater systems; inspect public systems, administers contracts for Plan Review and water supply inspection services. The program is responsible for the implementation of Phase II & V, lead and copper, and the radionuclide rules.

Responsibility Contact Phone
Engineering Program Lead Rachel Clark 444-6722
Engineering Plan Review Denver Fraser 444-5318
Engineering Plan Review Paul Simonich


Administrative Support Leata English 444-4224