How to Apply


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The WPCSRF Survey Form (.pdf or Word form) or the DWSRF Survey Form (PDF Form or Word Form) is required to be placed on the Project Priority List. Please COMPLETE and submit to WPCSRF program manager, Paul LaVigne, with supporting information.

Applications are available from the MT Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). All entities must request that their project(s) be added to the Priority List contained in the Intended Use Plan. This annual process, typically, begins in May to identify projects which may need SRF funding for their project in the upcoming year. Early notification by the applicant is essential to get on the priority list and a project remains on the list until it has been completed regardless of the funding source(s) used to finance the project. Loans will be offered on a first-come basis until the demand exceed the available funds. However, lower ranked projects may be funded before higher ranked projects (if the higher ranked project is not ready to proceed) as long as the funds are available. Ranking on the priority list is based on water quality and/or public health impacts and financial needs.

Applicants submit the "Uniform Application" to request SRF loan funding. These applications are accepted year round. Loan projects are subject to federal and state laws including environmental reviews, minority business requirements, prevailing wage rates, etc. Applicable facility planning with environmental assessment of the proposed project, plans and specifications, adequate construction management and proper startup and operation of the facilities are requirements of the program. After the application is evaluated and approved, funds can be committed to a project. The SRF loan program cooperates with the other funding programs to ensure project funding is available when it is needed.