About the Montana DEQ Water Quality Information Website

Water Quality Laws and Administrative Rules

The full text of the laws and rules that govern Montana’s water quality programs are provided. The laws include all changes enacted by the 2001 Legislature. They are grouped into two broad categories: 1) laws that have water quality as their principal topic; and 2) laws requiring that water quality impacts be considered.

The administrative rules are the most current versions available. Some of the rules are not available electronically; they will be added to the website as soon as they are available.

Water Quality Circulars

DEQ has prepared a number of circulars that include the standards and requirements necessary to protect public health and to maintain a high level of water quality in the state. These circulars were developed to comply with the Montana Water Quality Act and other state and federal laws that govern water quality. Some of the circulars are currently being revised and updated. The new versions will be placed on this website as they become available.

Water Quality Programs and Activities

The programs and activities that implement state and federal water quality laws are described in this section. For each of them, the following are included if appropriate: the relevant sections of the laws and rules; lists and samples of permits, licenses, and other approvals; copies of application forms, instructions, requirements, checklists, and review procedures; and any fact sheets, guides, reports, and educational brochures. For each program or activity a DEQ staff contact is given.