Public Water Supply Program


Montana's 2017 Annual Public Water System Compliance Report


EPA Compliance Monitoring Data Portal (CMDP)

The Compliance Monitoring Data Portal is a new web based reporting system created by the EPA for reporting drinking water compliance sample results from laboratories and soon for public water systems to report operational data to state primacy agencies. Nationally, the State Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) is being updated and CMDP is the start of this transition.

 • CMDP will be replacing the Lab Application Sample Reporting (LASR) application which will soon be retired and no longer supported by DEQ.

• CMDP went into production October 2017, with several LASR Labs transitioning. We are continuing to recruit other Labs to use CMDP.

Create a Sample Result Report from CMDP - CMDP Job Details Report Builder Local Application

  • This Job Details Report Builder allows you to separate out sample result details by each individual PWSID.
  • This report can be customized and formatted for physical and digital mailing.

Getting Started:

  • Save as a zip file, extract all, and will be saved as a html file.
  • Expand the instructions and step through to your sample results report.

Lab Application Sample Results (LASR)

  • The Lab Application Sample Results (LASR) system is an application developed by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to assist water testing labs with submission of public water test sample results to the Public Water Supply Compliance Program. Submission of the results is done through the EPA's Lab to State software and from there into Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS)

Montana Drinking Water Watch

  • Montana Drinking Water Watch has replaced the PWS Online Query Reports.
  • Samples are now reported as microbial versus chemical so TCR and Ground Water Rule Samples are presented together, rather than as TCR versus non-TCR. You will also find additional options to search for samples across multiple water systems.

Montana Monitoring Schedule Reports

  •  Montana Monitoring Schedule Reports is used to inform PWS System personnel what they must sample for, the required number of samples to be taken, where and when samples are to be taken, sample bottle information, and whether your system has met the current requirements. It is real-time, meaning the information presented is current in the database as of the time the request is made.