Access to clean water is essential to human health and to Montana’s economy. We support and implement measures to conserve this valuable resource and ensure clean lakes, streams, and rivers remain part of Montana’s natural heritage.

TMDL Study for E. coli in Sheep Creek Open for Comment

Our draft water quality study for E. coli levels in Sheep Creek in Meagher County is open for public comment. E. coli is a normally occurring bacteria associated with  the digestive processes of animals and humans. At certain levels E. coli causes problems in waterways and the study offers strategies to meet Montana's water quality standard for E. coli. A public meeting was held May  17 in White Sulphur Springs.      

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New Guide for Developing Watershed Restoration Plans Now Available

An Introductory Guide to Watershed Restoration Planning in Montana is now available to local groups seeking to create Watershed Restoration Plans. The guide is authored by Ethan Kunard of the Madison Conservation District and is designed to help local groups get started on developing WRPs. The work complements other more detailed resources to develop and implement WRPs, and these works are referenced in the guide.

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