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Source Reduction & Energy Conservation in State Government

Lead by Example

Source reduction is an important part of reducing impacts. Buying only what is needed, seeking recyclable products, reducing paper use, and similar actions reduce costs and promote sustainable operations.

State agencies routinely seek to lower operating costs by increasing energy efficiency and promoting energy conservation. Governor Brian Schweitzer’s 20x10 Initiative to reduce state energy use by 20% by the year 2010 has placed renewed importance on the daily decisions and actions which affect energy use and bottom lines.

Responsible Purchasing
Purchasing Energy Star-rated equipment, recycled-content products and other sustainably-made products helps reduce overall energy use, while encouraging market development of such products.

20x10 Energy Efficiency in State Government
Find out details about Governor Brian Schweitzer’s 10x20 Initiative

Energy Efficiency in Your Government
Saving energy saves money and makes buildings and their occupants more comfortable. These tips apply to almost any government agency.

Warm Homes – Warm Heart
This website has information about weatherization, saving energy and other resources to find help for your family and to find out how you can help others to help stay warm.

Energize Montana
Citizens, schools, businesses and government will find helpful links to information on conservation, renewable energy, production of energy in Montana, publications, events and contacts at DEQ.