Delinquent Fees for Tank Registration

Delinquent Fees for Tank Registration



Delinquent Tank Registration Fees

Attention tank owners and operators! Make sure your underground storage tank fees are paid. Changes are coming to DEQ and you will no longer be sent to collections for nonpayment of fees, but to DEQ Enforcement.



The Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM 17.56.1001) say, “Owners or operators of underground storage tanks which have not been closed in accordance with ARM 17.56.702 shall pay an annual registration fee for each underground storage tank owned or operated.”  The annual tank registration fee for each UST is $108 for tanks with a capacity of more than 1,100 gallons and $36 for tanks with a capacity of 1,100 gallons or less.

If a facility has delinquent tank registration fees, the DEQ UST Program will no longer send the facility to collections, but will direct the facility (owner or operator) to the DEQ Enforcement Program. The owner or operator will be responsible for the annual tank registration fees plus an administrative penalty that typically starts around $180, depending on how long the fees are delinquent.                             

Additionally, a facility will not be in compliance with the Underground Storage Tank regulations until your registration fees are paid in full.  Remember, non-compliance can affect petro-fund eligibility.

Payments for annual tank registration fees can be submitted to:

eStop Business Licenses

PO Box 8003

Helena, MT 59604 





   Don’t delay, pay delinquent tank registration fees now and avoid ENFORCEMENT and associated penalties.




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