Montana DEQ and the Department of Natural Resources & Conservation (DNRC) have launched #MTearth16

#MTearth16 is a social media campaign encouraging Montanans to share their unique moments in the outdoors and highlights the variety of natural resources jobs performed by Montanans across the state.

Planners are using, a web-based tool that combines content from several social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google Plus, and Vimeo and displays them on a single location. Tagboard will search for and collect content with the hashtag "#mtearth16" added to the caption.

The page for #mtearth16 is already active and displaying photo and video content and will continue to collect content at least through the end of summer, 2016.


To share your Montana moments, just add #mtearth16 to the end of any photo or video caption. 

The #mtearth16 hashtag must be added when the photo or video is originally posted in order to be collected and hosted on the Tagboard site.


Visit the #mtearth16 page, check out some photos and contribute to Celebrating Montana!



DEQ Earth Day 2016