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Note:  The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) regulates:  asbestos projects, as that term is defined in the Montana Asbestos Control Act at §75-2-502(3), Montana Code Annotated (MCA); asbestos-related occupation training; and accreditation of persons to work in asbestos-related occupations within the state of Montana pursuant to the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP),  the Montana Asbestos Control Act (the Act), and the Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) adopted under the Act.  DEQ maintains and offers articles on its ListServ that are intended as guidance and to answer frequently asked questions.  ListServ postings are designed to clarify current DEQ interpretation of the Act and the administrative rules adopted thereunder and do not expand the legal effect of either the Act or administrative rules that pertain to regulation of asbestos within the state of Montana.

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