Asbestos Rules Information Page

Asbestos Control Program Rule Information

NEW:  DEQ has amended ARM 17.74.350, 17.74.355, 17.74.359, and 17.74.364; repealed ARM 17.74.401, 17.74.402, 17.74.403, and 17.74.404; and adopted New Rule I (ARM 17.74.406), New Rule II (ARM 17.74.407), New Rule III (ARM 17.74.408) and New Rule IV (ARM 17.74.409) as proposed in MAR Notice 17-410.DEQ has amended ARM 17.74.352 as proposed in MAR Notice 174-410, but with additional language to provide clarity.
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To see the rule notice and response to public comments go to DEQ's Rule Notice webpage at or contact DEQ's Asbestos Control Program at (406) 444-5300.

Here are some one page informational documents for various topics to help explain the asbestos fee rules: