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During the Asbestos Rulemaking Stakeholder Outreach meetings held in Missoula, Great Falls, and Billings, several comments were made regarding the proposed fee schedule. Based on those comments, ACP has put together an alternate fee schedule proposal and new or revised definitions for your consideration. Please note, ACP is not including the other sections of ARM because significant changes were not made since the March 15, 2019 draft.  The additional proposed changes to the existing ARM (17.74.350, 17.74.359, 17.74.364, 17.74.402, 17.74.403, and 17.74.404) and NEW RULE I will be in the formal rule notice to be published for public comment in July of 2019. Please review the latest proposed changes to ARM 17.74.352 and 17.74.401 and other documents below:


Draft Asbestos Project Permit Fee Calculator

The underlined terms used below are from the Draft 2019 Asbestos Rules.

“Asbestos unit measurement (AUM)" means each unit of permitted asbestos-containing material that may be disturbed or removed equal to 50 square, 50 linear,50 cubic feet or any combination of 50 square, linear or cubic feet rounded up to the next highest 50 unit above the project base amount as defined in “project base amount”; and

(a) AUMs do not apply to annual facility permits.

“Project base amount” is the amount equal to 100 square, 100 linear, or 100 cubic feet or any combination equal to 100 square, linear or cubic feet of permitted asbestos-containing material that a permittee may disturb or remove with an asbestos project permit before having to pay AUM fees; and

(a) project base amount does not apply to annual facility permits.

To use the calculator, enter the total material volume including the Project Base Amount. The calculator is designed to subtract the Project Base Amount before calculating the estimated project permit fee based on AUM.

Asbestos Unit Measurement:


Note: to update your estimate enter a new AUM and then click outside of the input box.

Estimated Fee:


Disclaimer: The information you calculate from this tool is intended for use as a guide only. It is intended for informational, educational, and demonstration purposes only. This tool was last updated 2/22/2019.