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Requesting Public Records & Information

Thank you for your interest in the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) records.   The Constitution of the State of Montana, at Article II, Part II, Section 9, provides everyone the right to examine documents of state government agencies.  Montana Code Annotated (MCA) at Title 2, Chapter 6, Part 10, provides everyone the right to request public information.  There are provisions for individual privacy, safety, security, and confidentiality.  It is DEQ's Policy to be responsive to requests for records and information.  While we may not be able to fulfill a request quickly, we are committed to communicating with requestors about any delays or inability to provide the information requested.

Mailing & Distribution List

Please Note: DEQ will not provide distribution lists to anyone.  Montana Code Annotated at 2-6-1017 forbids public agencies from distributing mailing lists and further forbids anyone from using an agency-prepared list as a distribution list.  Anyone violating this law is guilty of a misdemeanor.


Montana Code Annotated 2-6-1006(3), provides public agencies the ability to charge fees for fulfilling public information requests.  DEQ charges the following fees:

  • Actual hourly rate of staff fulfilling the request (i.e., gathering files & information, research, copying, scanning)
  • $.10 per sheet of paper for copying
  • Actual cost for CDs, postage, and other mailing materials
  • Actual cost for any other incidentals directly related to the request

DEQ requires fees to be paid in advance of releasing any records or information responsive to your request.  If the records are too large in volume, we may request payment of estimated fees prior to beginning work on your request, or that you either come review the files in person and make your own copies or hire another business to scan or copy the records here at our office.  We can provide you with information about local vendors who provide this service.


DEQ has a number of resources available on its website that you may find useful.  This data is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  It may be faster and more cost-effective for you to search these sites for the data you need, before initiating your request.  Here are some of those links:


Request Public Records

If you would like to request public information or records, click on the above link.  This will take you to our public records request portal where you can complete the request form.  In your request, be as detailed as possible about what you want and provide as much information as you have regarding any site or property you are seeking information about.  If you are requesting information on a specific piece of property, include: the Township, Range, and Section (if known); the names of current and / or previous owners; the names of current and / or previous businesses residing on the land; specific date ranges, etc.  If you have questions or concerns, send an email to Joyce Wittenberg, DEQ Records Manager, at: