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Driscoll, Paul

Town of Froid Agrees to Resolve Public Wastewater Violations

Helena — The Montana Department of Environmental Quality reports that the town of Froid recently agreed to resolve violations of the Montana Public Water Supply Laws. The public wastewater system serves the town's residents.

According to DEQ’s Margarite Thomas, Froid’s public wastewater system is leaking in excess of the rate approved for the lagoon in 1994.

To resolve the matter, DEQ and the town of Froid entered into a consent order under which Froid agreed to retain an engineer to work with DEQ in developing a plan and schedule for the design, approval, and construction of the necessary wastewater system improvements.

For questions about the Public Water Supply Program and laws, please contact the Public Water Supply and Subdivisions Bureau at (406) 444-4400 or visit DEQ’s website at:

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