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Driscoll, Paul

DEQ seeking members for asbestos advisory group

Helena – The Montana Department of Environmental Quality is looking for members to serve on an Asbestos Advisory group.

With the passage of House Bill 434 during the 2015 Legislative session, DEQ was charged with organizing an Asbestos Advisory Group made up of stakeholders from a broad variety of interests in asbestos regulation.

The advisory group will advise DEQ on a variety of asbestos-related issues including: regulatory thresholds; permit applicability; public notice requirements; alternatives to permitting; scope of enforcement and cleanup authority; appropriate funding options; clarification of authority between state and federal laws; and workflow improvements.

DEQ is now accepting letters of interest for membership on the advisory group.  Stakeholders may apply for one of twelve member categories that include asbestos professions, contractors, consultants, and environmental advocacy groups. A full description of the twelve member categories is outlined on DEQ’s website here:

Letters of interest must specify a preferred member category and include a statement of qualifications. A resume is not required, but is encouraged. Letters of interest will be accepted until June 15, 2015 and may be submitted electronically.  Member categories not appointed will remain open until filled. 

For more information about the Asbestos Advisory Group, log on to group website at: You may also contact the department by calling Bob Habeck at (406) 444-7305 or by e-mail at:

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