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Driscoll, Paul

DEQ, Continental Resources, Inc., Resolve Air Quality Act Violations


HELENA — The Montana Department of Environmental Quality and Continental Resources, Inc., have resolved violations of the Clean Air Act of Montana that occurred at various well facilities in Richland County.  

Continental violated the CAA and Administrative Rules of Montana by failing to notify DEQ of equipment changes at various well facilities.  In addition, during a DEQ site inspection at two Continental well facilities, vapor control equipment was observed to be inoperable.

Continental corrected the vapor control violations immediately.  Continental paid a $17,700 penalty, evaluated all of its facilities to ensure all equipment and operational issues were in compliance, and ensured all registration information filed with the Department’s Air Resources Management Bureau was accurate as of March 1, 2015. 

For additional information about the Clean Air Act of Montana, or Montana Air Quality Registration Program, please call Chad Anderson, DEQ Enforcement Division, at: (406) 444-2964


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