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Ogden, Karen

DEQ Approves Bond Release for Big Sky Coal Mine

HELENA –The Montana Department of Environmental Quality has released a partial bond for an area of the Big Sky Mine near Colstrip, Mont.


Reclamation was completed in several areas totaling 904 acres in accordance with an approved reclamation plan. The plan includes backfilling and grading mined areas, soil replacement, establishment of vegetation, and establishment of hydrologic function. The former mine lands are supporting sustained grazing and wildlife use and contain valuable permanent water features such as wetlands.


This video highlights the reclamation work done by the Big Sky Coal Mine, with DEQ oversight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSZXlfdKYVY


DEQ approved final bond release on the 904 acres resulting in a reduction of the Big Sky reclamation bond in the amount of $827,724.


Following this release, a monetary bond of $442,000 is in place for the remaining  mine area.


For more information about bond releases, contact Bob Smith at 444-7444 or visit the DEQ website at: http://deq.mt.gov/Land/CoalUranium

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