Public participation is essential to our processes and decisions. We have deep connections to the communities we work in and a strong commitment to protecting this place we call home. Whether you are interested in working for us, doing business with us, or learning more about what we do, this is the place to start.

Public Comment Gateway Page

A Public Comment Gateway page has been developed by DEQ. The page explains the various ways we accept public comment and differences and similarities among the programs. The page directs users to appropriate sites, including ones where comment and support material can be posted electronically.


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Curious About Your Drinking Water?

If you get your water from a public water supply you can use Montana Drinking Water Watch for direct access to a wide range of public water supply system information. You can find contacts, sampling schedules, results and violations. This information comes directly from Montana's Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS/MT). It's real-time information so that the information is current with your request.


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