Statutes and Rules

Link to Final Published UST Rules located at Montana, Secretary of State website.

State statutory authority for the program is found in the Montana Underground Storage Tank Act, 75-11-501 MCA and Montana UST Installer and Inspector Licensing and Permitting Act, 75-11-201 MCA. The program's Administrative Rules are found in Title 17, Chapter 56 of the Montana Administrative Rules (ARM). These rules are similar to the federal EPA rules, 40 CFR, Part 280, and outline the specifications of UST system construction, design, operation, repair and closure. They also include the requirements for tank notification, release detection, environmental closure assessment, leak response and corrective action. Montana statutes cover additional classes of USTs which are not federally regulated. These classes include some tanks used for storing heating oil for consumptive use on the premise where stored, and underground piping connected to aboveground tanks.