TankHelper II Testimonials

  • Larry Knowles - Property Management Supervisor, Lazydays RV "The Arizona State Department of Environmental Quality has recommended your course and indicates successful completion would satisfy training requirements for these requirements. There is no identified training available in the state of Arizona."

  • Ben Thomas - Ben Thomas Associates, Inc. "TankHelper II is a great way for Montana UST operators to learn only what's relevant and stay focused on what's important. Plus it's creative and interactive so it reinforces critical concepts. On-line learning is here to stay and I applaud the Montana DEQ for being one of the first states to venture into this exciting new territory."

  • Trent Biggers - Town Pump "TankHelper II Training was very informative & specific to our locations needs. It was also great to train on-line and at our own pace."  

  • Michael Hayes, Michael's Convenience Stores Inc. "The Montana TankHelper II online training is easy, concise and informative. The information is well thought out, presented in a user-friendly format and is easily accessible on the internet. The training is very adaptable to my locations and is an essential part of our management plan.  Thank you!"

    Steve Scherr of VDOT Learning Center Training Academy
  • Steve Scherr - Operations Training Manager, VDOT Learning Center Training Academy  "I reviewed the Montana DEQ TankHelper II Program and I found that all aspects of the program were excellent and hit the mark for those individuals responsible for fuel sites. In fact MT DEQ's program will assist in developing our program for fuel sites.  I highly recommend it. "

  • Todd Skartved - Big Bear Repair, Butte Mt - "The new tank helper for operator training was an easy step by step training module. It was very informative and would help any person with the basic elements of an UST system."