UST Notification and Registration

UST Owners/Operators Must Notify the DEQ when:


Owner Changes:

Tank Product Change:

UST Owners/Operators Must Submit Annual Tank Registration Fees

  • Owners and operators of federally regulated systems which have not been properly closed according to Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) 17.56.702 must pay an annual tank registration fee to the department for each tank owned or operated by the owner or operator. This tank registration fee is $36 for USTs equal to or less than 1,100 gallons capacity and $108 for USTs over 1,100 gallons capacity. Above-ground storage tanks (ASTs) with underground piping are subject to the same tank registration fees based on the AST size. Tank registration fees are handled by the Department of Revenue's eStop program, you may contact them at (406) 444-6900.