Monthly Updates for UST Licensee Holders

This webpage communicates with our licensee's the latest news and program developments that will be of interest. Check back frequently so that you are up to date with UST program changes and other news, and to ensure that you have the best information to do your job and to serve your clients.


Our most recent License Testing was April 13, 2021 and April 14, 2021 at the DEQ Metcalf Building in Helena, MT.   Please contact us by email or call the office at (406) 444-5300 if interested in future testing.

DEQ's Critical Installation Elements has been revised as of April 2021  click here to view

New forms!!


Help your client keep records current!

  • If you find that products in the tanks do not agree with the information on the Operating Permit, give the owner a copy of Product Type Change Notification Form.  If possible, you can submit this with your inspection forms.
  • Talk to your clients about performing their monthly walkthrough inspections. Show them how to do the inspection and leave a Walkthrough Form onsite.
  • If one or more tanks have been taken out of service since the last inspection, you can help the owner by filling out the Notification of Inactive Status form

Make your life easier! You can always submit your inspection forms online. Almost all phones, iPads and tablets have applications to scan documents and send them to us and your clients Please email them to

Coming Soon!

 We are in the process of updating the compliance inspector forms. As soon as we have done so, we will contact you so that you can begin using them.

  • Forms are on their way for performing spill bucket testing, overfill testing, etc based on the PEI RP 1200. Once again, we will let you know when they are available.  If you have forms that you are using and want us to review them, please email a copy to the UST email.


  • UST Job Role Rotation 
    • CONSTRUCTION PERMITTING: Seth Hendrix 406.444.1416 will process all incoming construction permits and close out your permits.
    • COMPLIANCE INSPECTIONS: Wally Jemmings 406.444.1415 will process all incoming compliance inspections, create Corrective Action Plans, close violations and issue Operating Permits.
    • COMPLIANCE ASSISTANCE: Brett Smith 406.444.0485 will contact owners/operators for assistance with compliance issues.
  • UST compliance inspection forms have been updated as of December 2016:
    • Page 2 has been revised
    • Page 3 has been edited and a new question has been added
    • Page 11- Inventory Control/Tank Tightness Testing form has been removed as it is obsolete.
      • Due to comments received from inspectors about the renumbering of pages due to the deletion of page 11, UST has accommodated your request to leave the old numbers on the pages.
    • All other pages have had minor formatting and edits
    • The Compiled Inspection Forms for up to 5 Tanks and 10 Tanks have been revised to reflect these changes.
    • Please discard all versions, both electronic and paper, and download the current forms from our website at or contact or visit our office for new paper copies of the UST Inspection forms.
  • The Compatibility Checklist is found on our website at
  • Please stay current and use the latest edition of each form.
  • The format of the Facility Summary Sheets has been updated to include more facility and tank information, as well as a friendlier layout.
  • All of our Compliance Inspection Forms are now FILLABLE on the department website.
Please email the department with questions, thoughts, or concerns.