UST Forms

NOTE:  If you are using Windows 10, you must use Microsoft Edge to view and complete the forms in the fillable format.  Adobe Reader will not display the form correctly (i.e., in a fillable format). 


* If you are only changing facility/site contact information, email with the information, but first check the Facility Summary Sheet for your facility located at to make sure nothing else needs to be changed.  If more than the facility/site contact is needed to be changed, then submit the appropriate notification form (facility, owner/operator, product change, inactive status).


Inactive Status


  • Montana Certificate of Financial Responsibility  If Petroleum Tank Release Cleanup (PTRC) Fund is selected to meet the Financial Responsibility requirement, the owner/operator MUST choose an additional mechanism to cover $17,500 Co-payment requirement of the PTRC Fund.





  Note:   As of December 19, 2016:

  • Page 2 has been revised on 12/19/2016 and 03/2017.
  • Page 3 has been edited and new question 2 was added,
  • Page 11 - Inventory Control/Tank Tightness Testing has been removed as it is obsolete, 
  • Pages 11-14 have been changed back to 12-15 to accommodate users request,  and
  • other pages have had minor formatting and edits as needed.     
  • The Compiled Inspection Forms for up to 5 Tanks and 10 Tanks have been revised to reflect these changes. 

Please discard all versions, both electronic and paper, and download the current forms from above or contact or visit our office for new paper copies of the UST Inspection forms.