Yale Oil of South Dakota - Billings Facility

The Yale Oil of South Dakota Facility (Facility) is located in Billings, Montana. The Facility is comprised of property where the Montana Refining Company (MRC), the Yale Oil of South Dakota Refinery, The Carter Oil Company Refinery, and the associated tank farm operated between First Avenue North and Interstate Highway 90. The Facility is located in an industrial area of the city of Billings. It is surrounded by commercial and residential areas. Midland Empire Fair Grounds are located north of the Facility. A railroad bisects the Facility (southwest to northeast). The Yegen Ditch also bisects the Facility and discharges to the Yellowstone River, located just east of the Facility. Refining operations began on the Facility in the early 1920’s with the short-lived Montana Refining Company. Operations ceased at the refinery in 1923. The Yale Oil refinery began operations in 1929. In 1944, Carter Oil Company purchased the refinery. The refinery operated until 1949. Historical refinery maps show numerous tanks and structures associated with the refinery operations, including a tetraethyl lead (TEL) plant, a service station, a welding shop, paint shop, a crude oil sump, pumps, pump house, and sludge ponds. The Facility is currently in the remedial investigation phase. DEQ has not yet issued a Record of Decision for the Facility. Documents relating to this facility will be available for download and/or viewing on this page as they are finalized. For more information please contact DEQ project officer, Robert Roll, at (406) 444-6438 or rroll@mt.gov.

Downloadable Documents
Fact Sheet - May 2019
Fact Sheet - December 2014
Remedial Investigation Report - March 2015
Vapor Intrusion Report - November 2014
Facility History and Data Summary Report - August 2012