Tank Hill Facility

The Tank Hill Comprehensive Environmental Cleanup and Responsibility Act (CECRA) facility (Facility) is in Cut Bank, Montana. It includes an active petroleum storage tank farm covering an area of approximately forty acres, as well as all other areas where contamination has come to be located. During operations at the tank farm, crude oil and petroleum condensate were spilled or leaked from tanks and piping. DEQ is overseeing the investigation and cleanup under the state superfund. 

DEQ is currently reviewing the Remedial Investigation report (RI) that was completed in 2013 and shows the extent of contamination throughout the Facility. Based on the investigation results, there are no identified drinking water supply wells in the area where contamination has been found in the groundwater. Additionally, no contaminated vapors above screening levels are currently moving from below the ground into buildings. No contaminants in Cut Bank Creek are above water quality standards, including the city of Cut Bank drinking water source, which is upstream of the Facility.

A draft of the Human Health and the Environmental Risk Assessment report (risk assessment) is currently under review by DEQ staff. The risk assessment evaluates the potential risk to humans, plants, and animals from exposure to chemicals at the facility. It also identifies site-specific cleanup levels.

Documents relating to this facility will be available for download and/or viewing on this page as they are finalized. For more information please contact DEQ project officer, Kate Fry, at (406) 444-6426 or kfry@mt.gov.

Downloadable Documents

Fact Sheet - November 2013