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Montana Risk Assessment Tables

Montana Risk Assessment Tables

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has prepared generic Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund (RAGS) Part D tables (Montana Risk Assessment Tables) to be part of the evaluation of risks posed by sites potentially requiring remediation in the State of Montana.  DEQ has prepared downloadable instructions describing the use of these Tables.  Please be sure to read the instructions before using the Tables.  The Tables consist of an Excel workbook including macros to be filled out for each exposure unit at a Facility.  The Tables also include Montana default exposure parameters for the most common pathways and receptors.  The Montana Risk Assessment Tables should be used in conjunction with available EPA guidance and DEQ state-specific guidance referenced in DEQ’s State Superfund Guidance/Resources available on the DEQ web site: To obtain a copy of the Tables, please fill out the request from below.


If you have any questions regarding aspects of this new resource, please contact Terri Mavencamp at or 406-444-6435.  In addition, since this is a new resource, you may identify issues or items that should be clarified in the instructions.  If so, please contact Terri Mavencamp.
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