Solid Waste Management Facility Application Review Sequence

  1. Pre-submission discussions with applicant.
  2. Application or submittal Received.
  3. (a) Within 15 day of receiving application, County Health Officer and applicant will be notified by DEQ – a copy will be sent to the applicant.
    (b). Review by DEQ within 60 days of receipt of the application or submittal.
  4. Within the next 15 days:
    • Informal discussion of inadequacies with applicant,
    • Draft Notice of Deficiency (NOD) prepared and,
    • NOD finalized by DEQ and sent to applicant
  5. Meeting to discuss NOD with applicant – optional at the discretion of the applicant.
  6. Response to NOD by applicant – within 90 days 17.50.513(1) ARM
  7. Within 15 days of receipt of the NOD response -- review and respond to any incomplete or inadequate items. Return to step 6 if necessary.
  8. Preparation of draft EA by DEQ or approval or denial of submittal – 30 days.
  9. Finalization of EA – Commence 30-day public comment period.
  10. Public meeting – optional.
  11. Review of public comments by DEQ – Within 15 days – Department will:
    • Review comments,
    • Request additional information from applicant as needed,
    • Develop mitigations or permit conditions,
    • Discuss these with applicant and,
    • Finalize response and send to applicant and commenters.
  12. Decision by DEQ to license or not license the facility (or to recommend an EIS, which would put application on hold).
  13. Notify County Health Officer of DEQ decision to license facility.
  14. Within 15 days of DEQ decision to license, County Health Officer accepts or rejects DEQ decision.
  15. If County Health Officer rejects licensure decision, Appeal to Board of Environmental Review – 30 days.
  16. License granted or denied.