Higher Education

Universities Lead by Example! Montana’s higher education institutions work consistently to improve their environmental performance while providing the services demanded by students. Learn more about what is happening on our local college campuses, and nationwide, to improve recycling opportunities, reduce solid waste, and increase stewardship of our natural world.

Montana Green Campus
A virtual gateway to energy-related online courses, career information, energy research and current activities across Montana.

Montana State University (MSU)
Sports and Event Recycling program
MSU Sustainability (campus-wide, administration)
ASMSU Sustainability Center (student-funded sustainability programs)

University of Montana (UM)
Recycling Program
Greening UM initiative
Green Dorm Room Tips

Does your college have a similar program(s)? Please let us know:
Contact Dusti Johnson at: dujohnson@mt.gov 

Nationwide Initiatives
Recyclemania, a friendly national competition between universities to see which campus can recycle the most material.

College and University Recycling Council
A resource maintained by the National Recycling Coalition, the Council has a nationwide listserve, RECYC-L,  that is popular with staff and students. In addition, archives of past webinars provide information on Move In/Move Out strategies and more.