Opencut Mining Permit Forms and Guidelines

Request for Pre-Application Meeting

The Opencut Section strongly recommends that operators submit a Request For Pre-Application Meeting form prior to preparing any permit, amendment, or assignment application. Activities within or adjacent to designated sage grouse habitats require consultation with the Montana Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Program. The DEQ Sage Grouse Advisory is also a source of information.  

  1. Request For Pre-Application Meeting - Word

A - Master Guidance Documents

This guidance document is a MUST-READ for all permitting activities:

  1. How To Obtain And Comply With An Opencut Mining Permit -PDF
  2. Electronic Submittal of Opencut Documents - PDF

B - Permit and Amendment Applications

Use the following documents to apply for an Opencut Mining Permit or Amendment:

  1. Opencut Mining Plan Of Operation And Application - Word
  2. Landowner Consultation - Word
  3. Zoning Compliance - Word
  4. Surface Landowners List- Excel
  5. Boundary Coordinate Table - Excel
  6. Reclamation Bond Spreadsheet- Excel
  7. Weed Board Notification of Opencut Operation-Word

C - Bond Forms

One of the following bonding instruments is also required:

  1. Cash Bond - Word
  2. Irrevocable Letter Of Credit - Word
  3. Property Bond - Word
  4. Savings Certificate Assignment - Word
  5. Surety Bond - Word

D - Release Request Form

Upon Completion of Reclamation, use the following form to request Liability or Bond Release:

  1. Phase I Release Request - Word
  2. Phase II Release Request - Word

E -Other Applications

Use the following documents for various permitting functions as appropriate:

  1. REVISED Assignment Application-Word
  2. Request for Extension of Reclamation Date-Word
  3. Limited Opencut Operation- Word
  4. Request To Commence Operations In Non-Bonded Area- Word

F-Other Forms

  1. Additional Well Data - Excel
  2. Decline Public Meeting - Word

G- Guidelines

The following documents provide technical guidance for Opencut Mining Permitting:

  1. Map Guideline - PDF
  2. Pond Guideline - PDF
  3. Seed Mix Guideline - PDF
  4. Soil Photo Guideline - PDF
  5. Stream/Waterway Guideline - PDF
  6. Wash Plant Settling Pond Guideline - PDF

H-Sage Grouse-General, Interconnectivity and Core Habitat

  1. Addendum for Opencut Operations in General, Interconnectivity and Core Habitat Areas- Word
  2. Reclamation Bond Spreadsheet for Opencut Operations in Core Sage Grouse Habitat - Excel