Current Work Plans

The work plans on this table have been Submitted for Local Government Review or subsequently Approved by DEQ since January 1, 2014. They are organized chronologically by expected completion dates, and entries will be removed following completion. More information regarding implementation and scope of work is available at the links provided in the Work Plan column. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the associated DEQ Project Manager, either at the linked email address or by calling (406) 444-6444.

Last updated March 13, 2018.




Project Manager

Work Plan


Completion Date

611 Town Pump Whitefish Dean Kinney 10775 Local Gov Review 2/2/18
2573 Green's Sales Bulk Plant Malta Allen Schiff 10791 Local Gov Review 2/6/18
873 Cenex Farm and Home Supply  Ronan Dean Kinney 10772 Local Gov Review 2/7/18
3612 Valcon Distributing Kalispell Dean Kinney 10793 Local Gov Review 2/7/18


Town Pump Whitefish Dean Kinney 10730 Local Gov Review 2/7/18
955 Former Lyons Motors Inc. (Currently Butte GM Auto Center) Butte Allen Schiff 10785 Local Gov Review  2/10/18
959 Corporate Air Facility, Bert Mooney Airport Butte Allen Schiff 10766 Local Gov Review  2/14/18
3309 Farstad Oil Bulk Plant Billings  Marla Stremcha 10782 Local Gov Review  2/14/18
3495 A Frame Gas Station Glasgow  Allen Schiff 10790 Local Gov Review 2/14/18
3496 Valley County Road Shop Glasgow Allen Schiff 10786 Local Gov Review 2/15/18
4110 E-Z Supply (Town Pump) Store Wolf Point Latysha Pankratz 10774 Local Gov Review 2/22/18
5254 Mcleod Mercantile Norris Latysha Pankratz 10789 Local Gov Review 2/22/18
4542 Former Amoco Bulk Plant Polson Dean Kinney 10722 Local Gov Review 3/7/18
2793 Former K & L Grocery Dodson Allen Schiff 10807 Local Gov Review 3/14/18
3756 Missoula County Airport Car Wash Facility Missoula Reed MIner 10795 Local Gov Review 3/15/18
839 Husky Oil Service Station #3563 Great Falls Allen Schiff 10781 Local Gov Review  3/16/18
213 Former Amoco Bullk Plant  Troy  Dean Kinney 10787 Local Gov Review 3/20/18
5260 Fresh Life Church Kalispell  Reed MIner 10800 Local Gov Review 3/23/18
781 Former Montgomery Ward Automotive Center Great Falls Allen Schiff 10794 Local Gov Review 3/23/18
499 Former Robertson Oil Petroleum  Big Sandy  Allen Schiff 10806 Local Gov Review 3/26/18
4202 Former Prestige Auto  Kalispell Reed MIner 10803 Local Gov Review 3/26/18
1026 Former Markle's Bulk Plant (Grain Growers Oil) Glasgow Allen Schiff 10796 Local Gov Review 3/27/18
5029 Community Oil Company Reserve William Bergum 10815 Local Gov Review 3/28/18