Current Work Plans

The work plans on this table have been Submitted for Local Government Review or subsequently Approved by DEQ since January 1, 2014. They are organized chronologically by expected completion dates, and entries will be removed following completion. More information regarding implementation and scope of work is available at the links provided in the Work Plan column. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the associated DEQ Project Manager, either at the linked email address or by calling (406) 444-6444.

Last updated February 7, 2019.




Project Manager

Work Plan


Completion Date

475 Former Flying J Station Havre Shannon Cala 10917 Local Gov Review  11/23/18
475 Former Flying J Station Havre  Shannon Cala 10916 Local Gov Review 11/23/18
5242 Mountain View Co-Op Black Eagle William Bergum 10950 Local Gov Review 11/29/18
2478 Former Chuck's Exxon Great Falls Donnie McCurry 10897 Local Gov Review 12/4/18
4702 Gust Hauf Restaurant Glendive William Bergum 10956 Local Gov Review 12/18/18
3840 AAA Storage Helena William Bergum 10965 Local Gov Review 1/4/2019
1328 Berg Tire Glendive William Bergum 10968 Local Gov Review 1/16/2019
3634 Former Molt Bulk Plant Molt Marla Stremcha 10906 Local Gov Review 1/18/2019
3441 Town Pump Butte 10 Butte William Bergum 10933 Local Gov Review 1/22/2019
3911 Former Rick's Exxon Facility  Wolf Point  Allen Schiff 10658 Local Gov Review  1/25/2019
5290 Lakeside Marina Lakeside Dean Kinney 33750 Local Gov Review  1/30/2019
1181 Food Services of America Billings Reed Miner 10940 Local Gov Review 1/30/2019
902 Six D's  Jordan  Donnie McCurry 716833745 Local Gov Review 2/1/2019
1270 & 3799 Pelican Oil Bulk Plan Billings Reed Miner 10980 and 10981 Local Gov Review 2/15/2019
898 Jolly O's Gas & Go  Helena Shannon Cala 10951 Local Gov Review 2/20/2019
5283 John Jump Trucking Kalispell Reed Miner 10952 Local Gov Review 2/20/2019
4365 Flying J Travel Plaza Miles City Jay Shearer 33750 Local Gov Review 2/22/2019
3645 Choteua County Maintenance Yeard Fort Benton Allen Schiff 33782 Local Gov Review 2/22/2019
4361 Former Sinclair Retail  Great Falls Allen Schiff 10983 Local Gov Review 2/22/2019