Memo to County Sheriffs about Abandoned Vehicle Removal Payments

TO:         County Sheriff
FROM:     Brady Christensen, Program Manager
DATE:     September 30, 1999

SUBJECT: Abandoned Vehicle Removal Payment

Enclosed with this memorandum are the forms to be used to request reimbursement of the hired abandoned vehicle removal cost. Each form is numbered and is specifically assigned to your area. Each form carries the equivalent of a $70.00 reimbursement to the County or removal company. Each form must have a law enforcement official's signature to be valid.

One form is to be used for each vehicle. Either the County, the City, or the hired removal company for each abandoned vehicle that incurred hired removal charges may submit the request for reimbursement. Only one request per abandoned vehicle will be honored. NOTE: the County, the City, or the hired removal company may not submit a request for reimbursement for the same vehicle.

Abandoned vehicles eligible for the reimbursement are those vehicles that are initially identified and then removed as abandoned vehicles. Vehicles which become abandoned by the owner after the hired removal has occurred are not eligible. Example: vehicle is involved in a wreck. The vehicle is removed at the request of the law enforcement agency. The damaged vehicle subsequently is determined to have damages exceeding the value of the vehicle. The owner doesn't want the vehicle. The hired removal company then declares the vehicle abandoned on their property. Because the vehicle was not initially identified and hauled as an abandoned vehicle, the vehicle is not eligible for reimbursement. The hired removal company may, however, have the vehicle determined to be a junk vehicle and removed by the local junk vehicle program.

We are also enclosing the Administrative Rules, which establish the payment structure and other pertinent details.

A claim for reimbursement for each abandoned vehicle removed from July 1, 1999, to the present, for which a hired removal charge was incurred, may be submitted to the Department.

Within 30 days of the date of this memo, all Counties or hired removal companies may immediately submit their claims for abandoned vehicle hired removal charges reimbursement. Thirty days from the date of this memo, the staggered submittal structure contained in the Administrative Rules shall be followed.